A new Minneapolis landscaping idea is to create a staycation spot in your backyard. The word, “Staycation” include a combination of “Stay” and “Vacation.” A staycation is a period of time in which a family or individual stays home and partakes in leisure activities within driving distance of their home according to Wikipedia. A Minneapolis landscape designer said, “Why not making your backyard feel like you’re on vacation during the summer?”

Minneapolis Landscaping Ideas
Minneapolis Landscaping Ideas – Staycation

To create a staycation spot in your backyard, here are some landscaping ideas:

  • Create site destination spaces such as outdoor fireplaces or outdoor fire pit
  • Install an outdoor kitchen
  • Install lighting in order to make your outdoor space easier to access when it’s dark at night
  • Place outdoor furniture that you comfortably sit longer
  • Set up a weatherproof speaker system to enjoy music outside during the summer
  • Install a gazebo
Minnesota Landscaping Ideas
Minnesota Landscaping Ideas – Octagonal Gazebo Architectural Landscape Design

It’s highly recommended to consult with one of landscape architects or landscape designers when it comes to create a staycation spot. Natural Environments Corporation (NEC) is one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis, MN, and can provide full landscaping services from landscape design to installation to maintenance. Contact us for FREE consultation.