Landscaping with native Minnesota plants not only add natural beauty, but also provide benefits to your garden. According to Susan Bachman West on KARE 11 News at 4 from Golden Valley, MN mentioned the following benefits of landscaping with native MN plants.

  • Low maintenance. Minnesota native plants are used to growing in Minnesota’s environment, so they often require fewer maintenance, They also require less watering and mulching.
  • Protected water supply. These native Minnesota plants have extensive root systems that hold soil and slow erosion to keep runoff low.
  • Increased property value. Adding native Minnesota plants to your landscape can increase your home’s value in Minnesota. For an instance, trees and shrubs reduce noise and increase privacy, which most Minneapolis homeowners desire. Another example includes the diverse colors and varieties of native Minnesota plants provide aesthetic.

Natural Environments Corporation (NEC), one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis MN provide full landscaping services from landscape design to building to maintenance. NEC design team can help you which plants and where you want to place in your back and front yard. Especially, NEC landscape architects are knowledgeable about drainage using Minnesota native plants. Please contact us when you need landscaping using native Minnesota plants. You can also find a list of native Minnesota plants for landscaping in Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area.