Landscaping Minneapolis - Water Features

One of the landscape trends that Minneapolis landscaping companies expect to see in 2020 include outdoor water features. The demand for landscape water features for your backyard has been increasing over years, but people’s interest in the landscape design element varies. In this blog, we are focusing on water features for the landscaping trends in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota for 2020.

Landscaping Minneapolis, MN - Water Features

Natural Environments Corporation, one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis, MN, has seen an increase in large water features that are associated with hardscape installations in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, but have not seen any increase in smaller water features. We definitely see a decrease in interest for full-sized outdoor water features with fish and plants over the decades. In another word, the increase in large water features shows that the large pondless water features have been steadily more popular among Minnesota residents. The pondless bubbling water features are compact and include a vase or bubbling boulder

Landscape Design Minneapolis - Water Features
Landscape Design Minneapolis Minnesota - Water Features
Minneapolis Landscaping - Minnesota Aquatic Landscaping
Minneapolis Landscaping - Water Features
Landscape Design Minneapolis MN - Aquatic Landscaping

For more information about landscaping trends or landscape design trends for Minneapolis, Minnesota for 2020, it is highly recommended to ask professional landscapers, landscape architects or landscape designers. Natural Environments Corporation (NEC) is one of the trusted design build landscape companies in Minneapolis, MN, providing full landscaping services and serving the Twin Cities in Minnesota. NEC will transform your landscaping ideas into a breathtaking outdoor space with water features.