Minneapolis Landscaping Trends 2020 - Vertical Garden

One of the landscaping trends that Minneapolis landscaping companies expect to see in 2020 includes vertical gardens. As the city Minneapolis becomes more urbanized, there are less spaces for landscapes. Minneapolis homeowners want to make the best use of the small spaces they have by creating vertical gardens.

Landscaping Minneapolis - Vertical Garden
Landscaping Minneapolis MN - Vertical Garden

Lawn space is limited in Minneapolis, Minnesota and important to preserve for pets and children, which is why most vertical gardens in our landscape designs can provide three to five times the same square footage as they would on the ground. There is more cost to install vertical gardens and typically they need to be designed for the landscape space and installed by professional landscapers or landscape contractors. If the vertical gardens are designed by landscape architects, they require less maintenance through the year, because landscape architects pay attention to the surrounding natural environments and plan with restoration in mind. It would be more advantageous that the vertical gardens are designed and build by a design & build landscape company, because communication is fluid through all stages of the project between both landscape designers and/or architects and contractors and often produces work with greater efficiency and accuracy than getting involved with multiple companies.

Landscape Design Minneapolis 2020 - Vertical Garden
Landscape Design Minneapolis MN - Vertical Garden
Landscape Design Minneapolis MN - Designed by NEC Landscape Architects in Minneapolis
Landscaping Minneapolis Minnesota - Landscaping Trend in Minneapolis MN

For more information about adding vertical gardens to your landscape or other landscaping trends for Minneapolis, MN for 2020, it is highly recommended to ask a design-build landscaping company including landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors. NEC provides customized landscape design services as well as landscape installation services. NEC is known as one of the most reliable premier landscape design build companies in Minneapolis, MN, offering full landscaping services in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. NEC will transform your landscaping ideas into a breathtaking outdoor space with vertical gardens.