Landscaping Minneapolis - Low Maintenance Landscapes

Another landscaping trend for Minneapolis in 2020 is low-maintenance landscapes. This year Minneapolis landscapers started creating more drought-tolerant landscaping by installing less-water-dependent landscapes.

Landscaping Minneapolis - Low Maintenance Landscape
Minneapolis Landscaping - Ornamental Grasses and Pollinator-Friendly Flowers
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Landscaping Minneapolis Minnesota - Low Maintenance Landscape

The less-maintenance landscapes include a less manicured lawn and low-maintenance plants. Minneapolis homeowners don’t want to spend money on maintaining a well-manicured lawn and plants. One of the popular low-maintenance plants and lawns in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota is fescue that are valued for its adaptability to a wide range of climates and its tolerances for cold, heat, drought and shade and have aesthetics along with smart irrigation systems. Ornamental grasses are also drought-resistant and low-maintenance; they thrives in nearly every type of soil with no fertilizers, no mowing and no spreading. Minneapolis homeowners also like the ideas of landscapes for pollinators. Creating a pollinator-friendly garden in your landscape design is a trend of landscaping for Minneapolis in 2020.

For more information about low-maintenance landscapes or other landscaping trends for Minneapolis, Minnesota for 2020, it is highly recommended to ask professional landscapers, landscape architects or landscape designers. NEC provides personalized landscape design services as well as landscape installation services. NEC is known as one of the most trusted premier landscaping companies in Minneapolis, MN, offering full landscaping services in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. NEC will transform your landscaping ideas into a breathtaking outdoor space with low-maintenance lawns or/and plants.