As younger generations has been becoming homeowners, the customer expectations for landscaping trends and landscape design has been changing. As we have already discussed about the new technologies to use for landscaping in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the previous blog article, Landscaping and New Technology, younger generations want to use apps to remotely manage their landscapes as well as designing the landscape using apps to develop their landscaping ideas before hiring professional landscape designers or architects. Here at our landscaping blog, we are going to talk about another landscaping trend for younger generations.

Another landscaping trend in Minneapolis – St. Paul, the Twin Cities area is to create secluded spaces in landscape design. Customers often ask us to create private spaces in their landscape. Nowadays, younger generations love to be nestled. People love to have a cozy feeling. In fact, many modern residential and commercial property owners has been asking for small, private spaces within the landscape area to celebrate birthdays for family and friends or have events for their tenants. You might’ve probably seen small Japanese gardens in urban style residential apartments’ outdoor spaces. Those smaller secluded spaces are easily created using lush plants as natural fence. Additional calm and relaxed amenity can be created by using a water feature, as well.

Private Space in Landscape Design in Minneapolis

For more information about this secluded space landscape design, you need to consult with one of your landscape architects. NEC has both landscape designers and architects.