One of landscaping trends for 2019 for Minneapolis homeowners is to have a low maintenance garden. Back in 2013, sustainability was not the mainstream in landscaping or landscape design in Minneapolis, but now, low-maintenance gardens, less turfgrass, and drought-tolerant plants have become the norm in landscape design in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis – St. Paul in Minnesota. Minneapolis homeowners now assume sustainable landscape design will be a major part of the landscaping plan both for economic and environmental reasons. So, what are the low maintenance gardens?

Minneapolis Landscaping
Minneapolis Landscaping Trends – Lavender Landscape Design

Trees and shrubs are typically the lower maintenance choices in most gardens. Pick both or either of trees or shrubs suited to Minnesota climate and your soil, as they’re more likely to thrive without any “special care.” Common low-maintenance garden shrubs are euonymus, berberis, magnolia and hardy herbs such as lavender (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Munstead’), which is why you often see gardens with lavender in Minnesota area.

When it comes to low maintenance gardens, it’s highly recommended to ask professional landscapers, especially landscape architects or landscape designers, because they are knowledgeable about natural environments, drainage and which plants works for your landscape NEC is one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis MN, and have landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors to work in a team to provide flawless and comprehensive landscaping services in Minneapolis and its surrounding areas.