Minneapolis Landscaping - Minnesota Native Plants

One of the landscaping ideas for Minneapolis for 2020 is native plants. Minnesota native plants are adapted to the climate and soil conditions where they naturally grow in Minnesota.

Landscaping Minneapolis MN - Minnesota Pollinator Plants
Landscaping Minnesota Twin Cities of Minneapolis - St Paul - Native Plants
landscape Design Minneapolis MN - Minnesota Naive Plants
Landscaping Minneapolis MN - Native Pollinator Plants in Minnesota
Landscape Design Minneapolis - Minnesota Native Plant Landscaping
Minneapolis Landscaping - Minnesota Native Pollinator Plants
Landscape Design Minneapolis MN - Landscaping with Minnesota Native Plants
Minneapolis Landscaping - Minnesota Pollinator Plants
Landscape Design Minneapolis - Minnesota Pollinator Plants
Landscape Design Minneapolis - Minnesota Native Plants

For example, Minnesota native plants such as Eutrochium Maculatum (Spotted Joe-pye Weed), Erigeron Glabellus (Smooth Fleabane), Dogwoods, Nannyberry Viburnum, and Forget-me-not (Myosotis Sylvatica) don’t require extra care to thrive even during the winter. In addition, Minnesota native plants such as Allium Cernuum (Nodding Wild Onion) and Eutrochium Maculatum (Spotted Joe-pye Weed) provide pollinators with abundant food and habitat. In fact, landscape clients want a more natural landscape with less maintenance. It’s because Minnesotans are more and more aware of climate changes as well as desiring the plants to be more responsible.

When it comes to planting native plants in your landscape, it’s highly recommended to ask landscape architects, because they acknowledge the ecosystems than professional landscapers or landscape designers. Natural Environments Corporation (NEC) is one of the Minneapolis’ largest landscaping companies including landscape architects, landscape designers and landscape contractors, providing full landscaping services from landscape design to construction to maintenance. NEC, a full service Minneapolis landscaping company, will transform your landscaping ideas into beautiful landscape spaces with Minnesota native plants.