Landscaping for Water Drainage in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Have you had overly-wet spots in the yard or damp basement? Severe storms often strike the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul area in Minnesota during the summer, which causes wet yards or wet basements. It is necessary to do landscaping for water drainage.

One of the stormwater drainage solutions is to create a rain garden or creek bed. These are two creative ideas that can enhance your landscape design. With the proper landscaping, your landscapes can look good even during dry season. A rain garden uses an existing low spot and incorporates water plants. The rain garden can add a focal point to your landscaping with beautiful plants.

Landscaping for Water Drainage in Minneapolis

Landscaping for Water Drainage in Minneapolis

When it comes to stormwater management, it’s best to hire one of professional landscaping companies with landscape architects who are knowledgeable about how a rain garden works. NEC, one of the largest landscaping companies in Minneapolis designs and builds the rain garden that functionally works and provide aesthetic appearance.


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