Landscaping for Minneapolis Homeowners in the Fall

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It is beneficial to do the following landscaping for Minneapolis homeowners during the Fall in Minnesota:

  • Planting plants, shurbs & trees
  • Lawn maintenance, renovation and replacement
  • Irrigation and Drainage

Fall is the best time to install new plant materials in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The cooler temperatures and increased rain contribute to root development and reduces the plant’s initial transplanted shock. Transplant shock is also reduced because the plants go dormancy during the cold winter in Minnesota. Planting plants, shrubs and trees during the Fall provides maximum amount of time for the plants to grow before the hot Minnesota weather of the following summer.

It is the best time to maintain, renovate or replace turf during the Fall in Minnesota, because of the lawn winter dormancy and roof development. There are steps need to be done during the Fall in order to have your lawn withstand extreme freezing winter weather in Minnesota. First, you need to provide your lawns with a winterizer fertilizer. Then, the proper lawn renovation such as aerating and over-seeding needs to be done. Then, raking leaves on a regular basis provide the protection of your lawn, because it still needs maximum light and airflow. If you let leaves remain on your grass, the leaves will suffocate your turf and leave brown and yellow spots during the winter months and also cause to the delay growth of your grass in the spring.

Landscaping Minneapolis

Landscaping Minneapolis in the Fall

Irrigation and drainage are necessary landscaping tasks in Minnesota during the Fall. It is advantageous to check the Minnesota state irrigation systems in order to determine potential problem areas for winter drainage. It is also a good time to identify the areas that are not draining properly. When it comes to irrigation and drainage, it’s best to hire a Minnesota or Minneapolis landscaping company having landscape designers or/and landscape architects as well as landscape contractors, because they are knowledgeable about the irrigation and drainage systems in your area.

There are many landscaping companies in Minneapolis MN or the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, but Natural Environments Corporation (NEC) is one of few design-build landscaping companies that provide seamless work during the landscaping project with NEC landscape designers, architects and construction crews. NEC is also one of the largest landscape contractors in Minneapolis MN. Please feel free to contact us.


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