Retaining walls in Minneapolis MN:

retaining wall Minneapolis

Retaining Wall Landscape Design:

Our Minneapolis landscaping company started building retaining walls in Minnesota over 30 years ago. Our Minnesota landscape design team consults with structural engineers during the retaining wall design process. A properly designed and engineered retainer wall provides long term stability, beauty and value to steep slopes. Our skilled retaining wall crews are trained in all aspects of retaining wall construction and they follow the engineer’s drawings and specifications precisely to ensure that your retaining wall is properly constructed. Contact us today for a great new retaining wall in Minneapolis.

retaining wall Minneapolis

Retaining wall ideas – What type of retaining wall is right for you?

During the retaining wall design process we will consider the site conditions, the soil type, the height of the wall, your preferences, and the budget in determining the right type of retaining wall ideas for your project.

Some of the most common types of retaining walls in Minnesota we build are:

Boulder retaining walls

Boulder retaining walls in Minneapolis are the most common retaining wall that we build. They are beautiful, economically priced, and when they are properly constructed they can last a lifetime. Boulder retaining walls are often used in natural settings with good to poor soils. A fabric is usually installed between the boulders and the soil to limit erosion through the spaces between the boulders. Boulder retaining walls are considered gravity walls, because they use the mass of the rocks to stabilize the soil. Their appearance varies greatly depending upon the type of rock used and the style used to place them.

boulder retaining wall Minneapolis

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Interlocking block retaining walls

These retaining walls in Minneapolis are constructed using precast concrete blocks that are specifically manufactured for retaining wall construction. Drainage systems are required behind these concrete block retaining walls. Some common manufacturers are Keystone, Anchor Block, Versa-lok, and Allan Block. We work with all major suppliers to provide you with the widest range of options and colors. Interlocking concrete block retaining walls are installed by our crews in exact accordance to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Natural stone dry stacked walls

These retaining walls in Minneapolis are constructed with slabs of natural stone. The slabs generally vary in length and height but are typically 8″ in depth. The stones are stacked upon each other to create a gravity retaining wall. These walls are typically not used for walls that exceed 4′ in height unless the retaining walls are terraced. Drainage systems are required behind these retaining wall systems.

retaining wall Minneapolis
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Masonry walls

Masonry walls are constructed using concrete, stone, or brick. They generally have a concrete footing which supports the retaining wall. These retaining wall systems in Minneapolis require a drainage system and often require the services of a structural engineer. They are very versatile and their appearance has unlimited possibilities.

Wood retaining walls – timber retaining walls

These wood retaining walls – timber retaining walls were very popular in Minneapolis in the 1970s and early 1980s. While the original materials that were used in these retaining walls lasted many years it was determined that they contain arsenic and that they are potentially hazardous. As these retaining walls deteriorate they are being replaced with landscape timbers treated with safer chemicals or new types of retaining wall systems. While landscape timbers are a versatile, inexpensive option, their longevity is a potential concern.

Specialty retaining wall systems in Minneapolis

If your site has unique challenges that make the use of more traditional retaining wall systems difficult there are several less traditional retaining wall systems that we can install. Some of these include gabion baskets, sheet pile, soil nails, and helical anchors. Our Minneapolis landscape design team can find retaining wall solutions for even the most difficult sites.

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