Minneapolis Landscape Design

If you decide to create your own Minneapolis landscaping design or Minnesota landscape design, there are a few guidelines you should follow. Too many times people start without a concept or plan and the end result is a haphazard mess. You need a cohesive look surrounding your home, and here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Start with your focal points. In order to make the things that matter stick out, you must construct your plan around them. This will keep these objects or plants connected to the rest of the landscape and create a cohesive theme throughout your project.
  • Plan for equipment needs. At some point you will probably need a large tool that requires rental or borrowing. This often requires reservations or reserved appointments, as well as notifying neighbors if the equipment will be loud.
  • Accent the house. Be sure to not cover up the house with too large of shrubbery or ornate objects. Your home is the reason you are landscaping, so you should be proud to show it off! Thoughtful planting helps soften the hard edges surrounding the home and creates a beautiful picturesque view.
  • Watch curves. Adding curves to your garden, such as curved-shaped plants or interesting-shaped gardens make your landscaping interesting, but be sure that they are long curves. Short curves break up the image and fragment the overall design.
  • Add movement. Bring your landscape and garden to life with movement! In order to create interest and character within your garden, it’s a good idea to add plants and grasses that can sway in the breeze, and flowers and berry bushes to not only add color to your garden, but also attract birds and butterflies.
  • Plant the right plant in the right spot. The old saying, “right plant, right spot,” are words of wisdom for any gardener.  Know the full-grown size of every plant you are interested in before you plant it.  Growth rate should also be kept in mind while purchasing plants as well.  Being aware of each of your plants will help you to plan the best looking landscape possible.
Landscaping Minneapolis Minnesota - Minneapolis Landscape Design
Minneapolis Landscaping - Minneapolis Landscape Design
Landscape Design Minnesota - Minneapolis Landscape Design
Landscape Design Minnesota - Minneapolis Landscape Design
Landscaping Minneapolis - Minnesota Landscape Design
Landscaping Minneapolis Minnesota - Minneapolis Landscape Design
Landscape Design Minnesota - Minneapolis Landscaping

When planning your new Minneapolis landscape design, keep these tips and guidelines in mind to make the process of designing and creating your new landscape a smooth process.  Having a game plan ahead of time will make your landscape design and creation process enjoyable with a beautiful outcome!

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