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Landscaping Trends for Minneapolis for 2020 – Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Landscaping Minneapolis – Low Maintenance Landscapes Another landscaping trend for Minneapolis in 2020 is low-maintenance landscapes. This year Minneapolis landscapers started creating more drought-tolerant landscaping by installing less-water-dependent landscapes. Landscaping Minneapolis – Low Maintenance Landscape Minneapolis Landscaping – Ornamental Grasses and Pollinator-Friendly Flowers Landscape Design Minneapolis MN – Designed by […]

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lighting landscaping Minneapolis

Landscape Design for Minneapolis Winter

Did you know that a good landscape design can increase your visual enjoyment of the winter landscape? In Minnesota, particularly the Twin Cities of Minneapolis – St. Paul, we expect much snow during the winter. In this blog, we are going to focus on how to enhance your landscape view […]

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Michaelmas Daisy - Fall Landscaping Ideas in Minneapolis

Fall Landscaping Ideas – Fall Flowers

One of Fall landscaping ideas for Minnesota is to plant Fall flowers such as Michaelmas Daisy, since purple is Minnesota Viking’s color and officially in for Fall. Those flowers actually bloom in response to the shortening days. It’d be a good idea to hire landscape designers or architects to design […]

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Landscaping Pool Area Ideas for Minneapolis using Orchidpoet Grasses

Landscaping Pool Area Ideas

When it comes to landscaping for pool areas, it is highly recommended to carefully choose the plants near a outdoor swimming pool, because some plants grow quickly and drop leaves and debris into your pool. Landscape architects suggest that we pick the plants or ornamental grasses that thrive when planted […]

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