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Landscaping Smart Irrigation Systems

Landscaping Trends and Younger Generation

As younger generations are becoming homeowners more and more, the customer expectations to landscaping are changing as well. In fact, people between the ages of 18 and 34 made up 29 % of all gardening households. The new landscaping trends affected by those younger generation are as follows: Younger people […]

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Landscape Lighting Minneapolis

Landscaping and Outdoor Spot Lighting Fixtures

One aspect of landscaping that people often overlook is outdoor lighting. Your beautiful landscape design is nothing without properly placed lighting at night. We introduce you to one of landscape lighting ideas for your Minnesota or Minneapolis home. Outdoor spot lighting or accent lighting is designed to create accent illumination. […]

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Landscaping Contractors Minneapolis

How to Hire Landscaping Contractors

When it comes to a landscaping project, you need to make decision whether you hire landscape architects, landscape designers, landscaping contractors or a large landscaping company. Most design-build landscaping companies have landscape designers, landscape architects and landscape contractors in house to design, build and install the most complex landscapes. On […]

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Landscaping Services in Minneapolis

Types of Landscaping Services

When it comes to think of landscaping jobs by a landscaping company, people often think of lawn-cutting projects including trimming bushes and pulling weeds. Landscaping is more than the yard work. In this blog, we will talk about types of landscaping services. The basic principle of landscaping job is to […]

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Battery Powered Landscaping Equipment

Landscaping Trends and Battery Powered Equipment

One of the landscaping trends in Minneapolis, Minnesota is the use of battery powered equipment. As electrical equipment becomes more powerful and efficient, the demand from customers for battery-powered landscaping crews has been increasing due to environmental concern for using gas-powered equipment. The benefits of using battery powered equipment for […]

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Landscaping and Asymmetrical Landscape Design

Landscaping Trends and Asymmetrical Landscape Design

One of the biggest landscaping trends for Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2019 is asymmetrical landscape design. The asymmetrical landscape design is also considered to be a new landscape design. The asymmetrical landscape design provides a more natural feel and casual looking in addition to easy landscape maintenance. The asymmetrical design also […]

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